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Team Neugen Boss XL

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Team Neugen Racing Frame The Boss is a streamlined racing frame built out of 5mm arms (4mm available upon request) 3mm main plate and 2mm top plates on rigid bidirectional carbon fiber. The boss supports 5inch props, the included mount is for micro cam only, full size fits by using aftermarket posts and mounting hardware. The Boss XL measures 225 mm diagonal motor to motor and offers more internal space than the medium version. Team Neugen is a Southern California FPV racing team, The Boss frame was design to address the needs of the team members around MAy of 2017, our team would not settle for flight controllers mounted on arms and also needed beefy arms and mainplates that would not break easily. After a few redesigns the BOSS XL and BOSS Medium were born. This is a bare DIY kit that includes the below item below (Gopro moun and electronics are not included) Features: 2mm top plate 3mm main plate  5mm super durable replaceable arms (4mm availble upon request) Ansi 12.9 steel hex hardware 20mm aluminum posts black (pictures shown with 15mm hardware for a slammed down look, the 15mm hardware is not included) TPU camera mounts (micro size only) Support for 30x30 flight hardware 16x19 motor mounts 24xx 2500kv and up highly recomended The Boss weighs in at 68grams on 5mm arms and steel hardware, this weight can be brought down to around 55grams with 4mm arms I will exchange the 5mm arms for 4mm upon request (i strongly recomend 5mm arms to rid yourselve of arm breakage and downtime due to repair).    

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