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Team Neugen Supervisor 3.5

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All parts are cut from Toray T300 carbon for durability and quality. I will offer free shipping as a thank you, once 10 preorders are placed the lead time will be 8 to 12 business days to ship out. This is the 3 or 3.5 inch propeller version of the BOSS frame. The Supervisor is a 4mm dual arm micro frame with durability in mind. The frame only accepts 20x20 hardware; however 30x30 could fit with some modification (not recomended).  Free shipping to continental USA on all preorders The Supervisor is built of 4mm arms and 2mm beefy body plates, she is a tad on the heavy at 45grams but durability is what this bad boy was designed for. 12.9 steel ISO cert hardware and aluminum posts included, the Supervisor only fits micro cameras with the included mounts, full size cams should fit with taller standoffs and aftermarket mounts. motor pattern is 12x12 for 14xx up to 18xx motors. The Supervisor is a bare DIY kit, no electronics are included Features: 40 grams frame weight with hardware. 2mm top plate Toray T300 Carbon 2mm main plate  Toray T300 Carbon 4mm super durable replaceable arms (spares availble upon request) Toray T300 Carbon Ansi 12.9 steel hex hardware 25mm aluminum posts TPU camera mounts (micro size only) Support for 20x20 flight hardware (your ESC or FC mount hardware must be 5mm tall or above minimum! 12x12 motor mounts 1507 3755kv motors are highly recomended on 3.5 inch props for those warp speed needs.  TBS unify and HGLRC stack components are highly recomended along with XM+ rx size hardware. Thank you.

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